FITASC Ground Licence Application Form

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    All grounds wishing to hold registered FITASC shoots (Sporting, Compak, UT and Helice) require a licence which is granted by the BICTSF at a fee of £50.00 per annum, the licence covers the period of 1st January to 31st December 2024.

    If your ground wishes to hold registered FITASC events please complete this form and return with the payment.

    This document indicates your intention to hold registered FITASC events at your ground.

    Once your application has been received it will be processed and an electronic invoice will be sent out with payment details.

    Our sponsors

    We are proud to be sponsored by:

    • Coombe Farm Sporting - Est 2015
    • Promatic
    • Chris Potter Country Sports
    • The Boat Inn - Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire