Junior / Colt Membership

£10.00 for 1 year



This is to purchase a Junior / Colt Membership.

With the new year upon us and a new season of shooting approaching the BICTSF Board advises of its recent decision that, in order for the BICTSF to continue to function and to have the funds to move forward, we need to introduce an annual membership/subscription.

It is not a decision that has been taken lightly, given the current cost of living challenges, but it has been agreed that an annual subscription of £10 per member would greatly assist us in covering the annual fixed costs of running the BICTSF. At present these costs come almost solely from selection shoot income. The four FITASC disciplines would be able to keep more of their respective income from selection shoots, thus enabling them to better fund GB teams at European and World Championship events.

Funding for our teams selected to represent GB abroad has always been a somewhat contentious issue and we anticipate this will help to ease the cost to individual members when competing abroad.

Please note: FITASC, Paris have stated that, from this year going forward, all UK shooters wishing to enter FITASC organised events, i.e. European and World Championships, will be required to provide their BICTSF membership number rather than their home nation (CPSA, SCTA, UCPSA, WCTSA) one when entering the aforementioned championships.

The Board thank you for your understanding and continued support.